Anthony Green: Head of Global Human Resources Processes, LSG Group

A personable and extremely professional individual who always delivered great service and always reacted quickly to the customer's needs.

Deanna Teresa Rasmussen: Global Mobility Manager, NEME, APAC & India, Siemens Gamesa

I have had the pleasure to work with Paul over the last 15 yrs. Paul is professional and always looks after his clients in a very professional manner. Paul is always looking for ways to improve client manager relationships and understands the clients “point of view” he is a strategic thinker and I have always appreciated working with Paul regardless of what Company he has represented over the years.

Marisa Locke: International Mobility Relationship Manager, Vodafone

I worked with Paul as a client, during his time at The MI Group. Paul is the ultimate professional, providing excellent support under any circumstances. His knowledge of the industry and experience is second to none, which led to me to feel both informed and reassured during somewhat unknown times. I highly recommend working with Paul.

Matt Lunec: Senior Global Mobility Manager, Marsh McLennan

I have worked with Paul as a client during his time with the MI Group and previously when he was working for Team Relocations. Paul is a leader in the industry, he is exactly what you want in an Operations Director, client focused, solutions orientated and a real people person. I really cannot recommend Paul enough and hope to work with him again in the future.

Michael A. Piker: Global HR Vice President · Total Rewards · Talent Mobility · Agile Methodology · People Analytics · HR Technology · Adjunct Lecturer · Investor

I had the great fortune of working with Paul. He is empathetic, humble and solves client issues quickly. At Naspers we ran a gruelling RFP process for a new Global RMC and his firm won the bid on its merits. I recommend Paul and his firm.

Michelle Yates: Global Mobility Specialist

I worked with Paul when he was at Weichert and the MI Group, as a client. His dedication to customer service; building collaborative relationships and his operational expertise ensured it was a pleasure to work with Paul and his team. Paul is the ultimate professional while always maintaining a friendly disposition which made for an engaging service delivery experience.

Sarah Kenning: Strategic Global Marketing Leader

I had the pleasure of working with Paul for several years and I enjoyed every opportunity we had to collaborate. Paul has a great gift for thinking differently and identifying unique solutions that really meet the specific needs of his clients - needs they may not even be aware of. He is strategic and focused in his approach, and very knowledgeable about Global Mobility. This was never more evident than when we were working on RFPs together - his thoughtful responses and attention to detail resulted in an exceptional deliverable every time.

Siobhan Cummins: Strategic Mobility Advisor

I worked with Paul at both MI and Weichert. He is the consummate professional always going that extra mile to solve problems for his clients. From the start of our relationship with MI and subsequently Weichert Paul was always ready to respond to the numerous challenges we presented him with and responded quickly and creatively. He is the ultimate diplomat, and it was a pleasure to work with him and his team.