Technology Race To Where!


It is a hard world out there for Relocation companies with so many decisions to take and cashflow challenges. These companies are run by smart people with an intelligent workforce so they should be well placed to move with the times. But tough decisions need to be taken on their future direction. A technology race has been ongoing for many years, where the one with the latest upgrades gets ahead of the others. But where will this race end? In fame and glory or destruction?

In the last few years, many relocation companies stared multiyear investment in new technology which was a positive for the Global Mobility community. But as these initiatives go live how many of those original technology goals and objectives are still relative in the new mobility world we now live in? Has the ‘go live’ of these technology solutions been delayed, or certain aspects put on hold? Relocation companies that are truly agile, see the future trends, act upon them decisively will be the winners in the technology solutions race and wider aspects of global mobility.

But is this investment in technology by relocation providers sustainable? Will enough clients utilize the relocation providers technology capabilities so there is a return on investment? Or will their clients buy their own technology system or utilize the technology of other providers such as tax? Do not forget Relocation Companies don’t normally sell their technology as a standalone solution or charge separately for their technology to clients; it is rolled into the program of services you buy from them.

The technology solution world of specialist providers in the Global mobility space from the well-known such as Equus and TOPIA through to the potentially lesser-known companies such as MoveAssist, ReloTalent and new entrants such as ReloTrust to name a few are all evolving their solutions at an ever-increasing pace. But this is their world, what they specialize in, so potentially it will be brave relocation companies that continue to invest so heavily in technology solutions, including bespoke systems in search of a competitive edge, as this will backfire if it doesn’t deliver added value for their clients. But let us not forget that brave people push boundaries and when successful reshape industries so let us watch this space!

A challenge many Global Mobility professionals have faced when going to RFP for mobility services is deciding what they need from a provider’s technology. Some have explored this during an RFP, but you can easily get led in different directions from the multiple offerings. This is not ideal in the middle of an RFP, when you may also have time constraints. My recommendation to you as a Global Mobility professional is to be 100% sure of what technology solution you need from your relocation provider before going to a relocation services or technology RFP. Let me help you with a few ‘Do you need a’ type questions to help evaluate your needs.

  1. Complete technology offering from your relocation provider to compete with the technology specialists and bespoke to your needs?
  2. Simple, less complex technology platform from your relocation provider to provide updates, basic dashboards, and an employee app?
  3. A relocation provider with the best internal technology operating platform for their day-to-day work and open data sharing capabilities?

Would a call to help you evaluate what technology approach to take be useful?

I am available to share my experience and knowledge to help you define your technology goals and discuss how they can be achieved.

Written by Paul Barnes, Director, Inspire Global Mobility Consulting.

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